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  • - 100$ / 30 Days
    Gain access to the hackers employment status & all of they're accomplishments in the games. You will know a hackers ability to secure your network based on industry standard certifications.
    - 50$ / 30 Days
    As an advertiser you will be able to have your products be won in our games.
    - 20$ / 30 Days
    As a hacker you will be able to participate in any of the games we have scheduled, & employers will be able to see your skill-set.
    - 30$ / 30 Days
    With the ecucational membership you will have access to walkthrus to the games and how they relate to the certifications. Each of our tutorials are created by eternal llc with 4thought so that they conform to the PTES and show the relationship to various certifications.

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