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The leading way to be seen and taken seriously by employers.

Employer Membership

If you are an employer looking for network security professionals, this is the place for you. take all of the guess work out of securing your network, look through our database of hackers employment status as well as they’re accomplishments in regards to certification based games that show off the hackers skills. so you know you are hiring a real professional.

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Advertiser Membership

Being an advertiser you want to show audiences your products. These live games are being viewed in real time and are where the next generation of people in the information technology field will be meeting to decide the relevant: skills , products , strategy’s… If you provide anything IT related get your advertiser membership and push ads to people whom want your products

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Hacker Membership

The Hacker membership allows you to have access to all of the games that are hackable for prizes that are from our sponsers. You can hack to win prizes as well as have employers see your resume so they can hire you. we allow employers to see your skills so they know you can complete the network security assignments they need done. you play, win & they pay.

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Educational Membership

Get access to the same tools and capture the flags that are used to determine employment but get a video & written guide to the process that the hackers use to exploit thiese machines. Learn what you need to know to get into this field. Have fun learning while you see real world examples of what your certifications are talking about in the boring textbooks everyone uses.

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Join us.Watch the games live!!

Become an Employer that can search our database of hackers.

Are you looking for affordable network security professionals?View every stat from all of our events!!Hire who you want.

With your membership you can view the hackers real employment status as well as how they have done in competition against other professionals in this field.


Hack like your future employers are watching

Because they are!! Everything you do in these “games” has a reward. You win prizes when you have points, Employers see your points, Advertisers place they’re product next to your points on the scoreboard  & the viewers are watching you wishing they had the skills to score those points!

See What Employers See

We keep your identity safe until you get paid.

You will get all of your prizes from each point you have on the scoreboard, however employers will not be able to hire you unless they have paid in advance for your skillset. So you always have income just do what you have done in the game within the employers scope once they pay :D”

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#Vampyre has Completed 300 challenges

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Team #Kangs Has Completed 696 challenges


#BlaHk has completed 300 challenges.


What Our Clients Say

“We were infected by ransomeware, we seen that one of the games centered around saving a network from the same problems we were having, we had our solution immediatly! ”

CEO @ Garden Party Nursery
Sandy Rhoads

“I Found a role model and a sport that I can’t get enough of!! I already have a certification from the educational membership”

Heru Maat
Intern @ Paterva

“I Made 6 figures this year from employers & about that much in prizes. I never thought I could be sponsered for hacking like any other famous sports player.”

Lead Read Team @ #Kangs

Our Awesome Team

Basically we arent that awesome we are just regular people who want to make sure that hackers identities stay secure unless employers want to spend money to protect they’re business.


Chief Engineer

Spends his time making sure we are engineering for the future.

“It has to be worth the next generations use”


Chiefette Engineer

Spends her time making sure we are engineering for profit.

“If it don’t make dolla’s it could’nt make sense.”


Flags to capture


 Hours of hacking



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